Problem by Publishing my game

Hi im usually visiter on the german boards, but maybe here I find a resolution for my Problem earlier.

Yesterday I upload my game client and since then my server won’t get online. The server.exe works perfectly but when i start my client, the client says that i am offline. I also tried to forward TCP port 7001 on my Fritz Box user interface ,but it dosn’t work neither. I don’t know what i’ve done wrong or what i’ve need to do now, maybe i need to turn the Router Firewall off, but i don’t know how.

Sorry when my grammar isn’t correct but this isn’t my native language.

Check if your port is actually open. Use apps might not necessarily mean that the port is open. Go to the website from the computer on which the server is hosted and type in the port on which the server is hosted.

If the port is open, check whether the correct IP is being used to connect to the server. Also if you are connecting to the server from the same computer that the server is being hosted then the IP for the client should be localhost or

The_Ram please dont make double posts… here and on the german forum i replyed you already there

Portforwarding, Your friend need to use your IP, you and your family in your LAN-Network the IPV4 IP

If the server is on your PC where you play the game then its localhost or like abhi wrote

Thx Abhi, for the tipp with the port scan. The server works now!

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