Ambervale: Free 2D ORPG

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What is Ambervale?

Ambervale, like many games here, is a 2D online role playing game. The game is set in the world littered with locations ranging from Haunted Mines, Lush Forests, Crumbling Ruins and Puzzles that even the smartest adventurer would struggle with. The world of Etherelda is calling, are you ready?

What Differentiates Ambervale from other games?

This is often the question most asked and, especially when I read the “Eclipse Projects” section, the most important piece of information. Ambervale is different from other 2D games of it’s kind because what Etherelda offers is exploration at it’s finest. No longer are areas off limits due to your level. Granted some areas may be dangerous but with the right food (Or even friends!) you should be able to make it. The world calls out for you to explore the vast grassy plains and deep dark caves and with the right equipment to deal with the inhabitants of these areas you may find yourself rewarded for your exploration efforts.

What does Ambervale offer?

  • Level 1 - 30 content.
  • GUI created by Eclipse’s well known, and respected, artist **Wing! **
  • A Quest System that is driven to make you explore! (Quest log much like Skyrim or Oblivion)
  • Extensive Guild System (More information soon)
  • Nine equipment slots (More room for equipable loot!)
  • Bosses that reward adventurers with expensive and exotic loot!
  • Spell/Ability System that upgrades spells after duration.
  • Exclusive soundtrack for all areas to fully immerse players.
  • Every weapon and piece of armour paperdolled! (Credit to Wing)
  • No Microtransactions!, Now or Forever!

What’s the catch?/ Final note.

There is no catch. I know it’s difficult to believe as every game I have ever played has promised more than me (and often a bigger budget!) but often money clouds their judgement. The promise I will take to the end is that I will never exploit or ruin the integrity of my game for a buck. For those asking I am funding this game from my own finances and do not expect anything back in return (Hence the lack of “PLEASE DONATE HERE” at the top of the post). This game, in my eyes at least, is me giving back to a community that I have loved & hated over the past four years. As they say the proof is in the pudding and hopefully I will be able to show that on the

28th of June!

Silvercoast Market - 8/6/15

Necromancers Tower - 5/6/15

Glacial Village - 31/5/15

Thank you to:

Officer Johnston for programming!

Wing for the wonderful logo and UI that you will all see shortly (It’s sweeeeeet!!!)

Don’t forget to visit us on Facebook!

Thank you everyone! - Jumpahead/Euan

Approved, I wish you luck.

Update - 08/03/15 - Fickleberry Jail

Looks good, Love it when people do videos, Well commentated to not a lot of “erming” or struggling to remember stuff. If you need a server host contact me :). Love supporting games like this.


Disappointed, you uploaded it on the 29th and made me wait 2 days until letting Eclipse know!

So much positivity Benjo, I’ll be sure to hit you up when bugs are ironed out enough to be stable 😄

Edit: I’ve had exams and completely forgot. I’ll try to be more consistent 😉

Man, this looks like a fantastic project! I can’t wait to see more of it, and it’s kinda sad how it’s not getting more attention. It deserves it! Keep going mate!

Definitely a project to keep an eye on. I added you on Skype if you want to chat about the hosting.

Keep it up buddy. I consider this one of Arkadia’s sister projects 😛

Update - 04/04/15 - BETA WEEKEND!

The time has come Eclipse. Ambervale is being tested this weekend. To download click the dropbox link below 🙂

Download link - BRB

P.S Thank you Benjo, SkywardRiver and Henrik for your kind words 🙂

Finally after serious problems hindering the server etc we have the link!. Click the link below, Run the library files and then proceed into a world full of imagination (Willy Wonka Reference)

Download -…/…

Woo I’m your 59th sub! Well done video btw.

Thank you Link 🙂

looks nice, i’m coming on for the beta XD

Pretty good so far. I’ll write a full review for it when I’ve played for about 2 hours.

For Beta Purposes, here are some things to fix:

~~-Chat Commands such as Global Chat and Emote Chat do not work ~~ /Help wasn’t updated. Global Chat command is /g

-WASD still registers as movement when typing

-Buttons don’t have sounds (not sure if by design or not)

-It would be nice to have your Target automatically assigned to whatever you’re hitting

So far, besides these tiny issues, this Beta is looking pretty good! 😄

Keep it up!

yea, it was ok, but hey its only beta

oh no, did I miss it! says its down

try it again it said it was down first try


Beta v1.1

“A Strong Foundation”

Ambervale (so far) is a slightly shiny piece of coal that may turn out to be something even shinier. As of now, there is limited content, bugs, and limited enjoyability. However, this game is still in an early Beta and I believe with some more work and strong support from it’s community it can evolve into something that you find yourself wanting to play every Saturday night.

Ambervale Beta v1.1 gives you a limited array of classes to start out with, When I say limited, I mean one. However, due to the little content available thus far, that’s hardly going to effect your enjoyment. The GUI is visually pleasing and the music, although lacking variety, is soothing to the ear. The maps in Ambervale are numerous, and while some lack purpose as of yet, it leaves room for future content. The mapping quality is above average. You won’t find yourself blown away and staring at the scenery, but you also won’t be thinking something like: “Well he didn’t put much effort into that…”.

Now, alot of these ‘negative’ points will most assuredly be fixed. Keep in mind this is an early Beta Test. I can earnestly say that this is a rock hard foundation on which can be built a very enjoyable game. Personally I can’t wait to see what becomes of this game and I shall be playing it for some time to come!

So far, I’m going to give it a 6/10.

Bug fixes, content improvements, and just general time will be sure to boost that score up very soon.

Keep it up!

Thank you SkwardRiver. A new UI, Content and bug fixes should help with increasing that review score :). The beta weekend has now finished. Thank you to everyone who played this weekend. I’ll keep this page updated :P.

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