Ambervale: Free 2D ORPG

Update -10/07/15  (Beta Release)

The server is up right now but also I have some good news. We have set up our forums over at and I would love it if you could join us. This will allow us to bring the community together in one place. Registering takes two minutes and it will allow us to work out the number of players we actually have.

The download link is missing on Eclipse and your site. 😞

It may have been coincidental it may not have. Regardless the server has been taken down until some anti-cheat can be added.

Update 16/07/15

I’d like to thank everyone who helped us hit 120 accounts yesterday! Presenting Sandy Slopes. This Level 30 - 40 area will offer a fresh new locale and landscape. Also in this area will be another town with shops that offer exotic goods for higher levelled players.

This weekend we will also be having a pirate themed event that will only run for the weekend so grab the rares while you can.
For those who do not have the download link check  🙂

I would really like to download and try this game out but, the download link doesn’t work for me and I didn’t see another on the Ambervale web site.

Update 16/07/15

The city of Oasis has now opened. New equipment, armour and an Arena (PvP coming soon) will all be available here. It will most likely act as an end game hub for later content. @Jaxx has also joined the Ambervale team and has been hard at work fixing and updating the game.


Try this:

Looks awesome…thanks for the link Nate.



Try this:

Looks awesome…thanks for the link Nate.

Love you.

Well…I got to play the game long enough to get off the Island. When the boat took me to the mainland I wandered around a bit, but when I went to go to another map the game froze. I waited for about 2 minutes or so for the map to load and nothing happened. So… I closed the client completely and tried to log back on and it keeps telling me the server is down. I went to the Ambervale web site and didn’t see anything posted about the server being down. I uninstaled and reinstalled the client and I still have the same problem. Sooo…is the server down?

The server is down due to instability etc. We need to wait until our programmer is back to fix these issues. I suggest registering on 😛

I think every game has hired Jaxx haha. Poor Jaxx 😞

I think every game has hired Jaxx haha. Poor Jaxx Sad

Jaxx’s got a quick hand.

You’d know :p. Around here he’s called Turbo Hand because of the speed he can…ya’no…

So is this dead?

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