Buff/DeBuff System Problem

Evening Eclipse,

I’ve added this tutorial for Buffs and Debuffs made by Ryoku Hasu ( http://www.touchofde…uff-spells-v12/ ) and I’ve encountered a problem.

When you apply a buff, your player stats are not updated, and you can’t tell you’ve been buffed at all. I feel like this issue is part of a code piece that’s missing, or perhaps no function to display buff times or types was not added at all. If anyone has the same issue, how might one fix this?

For I = 1 To Vitals.Vital_Count - 1

	    Call SendVital(Index, I)


You have this in ApplyBuff correct?

The vitals probably update correctly - it’s the stats that don’t (str, agi, etc.).

There is in fact something missing from the code. In your Case SPELL_TYPE_BUFFs, add Call SendPlayerData(index) or Call SendPlayerData(Target), depending on the context. This will send the player’s updated stats, which happen in the updated Sub GetPlayerStats.

which happen in the updated Sub GetPlayerStats.

That’s a function, not a sub. lol

By the way, it would be more efficient if you made a small packet that only sends the player’s stats.

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