{Free} Looking for work on 2d game

Project Austin 2d World Looking for free work

! Mapper ( only 1, I will work with the mapper)
! Pixel Artist (i need 2 that will work side by side so more the work done)
! Programmer(i did not know how to program like the guilds together so i am looking for 1 person to work on it for me)
! Game Master, GM(So the game is kept clean and is under control, Right now i will accept 3)
! this is a free not paid work Because the game is not going to make enough money to pay off the workers.
! By agreeing to work on this project you would be working with Project Austin Gaming

Also for working for Project Austin Gaming on Project Austin 2d World you will receive a Project Austin Gaming Personal Email.

Your project title is wrong. It should be: ‘{Game Name} offering work’ or something. And tag should has work.

Another make my game for me and you get “creditzzz” thread….

Lol, so you want someone to make your whole game for you and you will just give them credit?

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