Can I open My Computer, Server even when turned off? So you stop the server Anytime Open

how to logic?

What??? explane better please

sory i no speking london language no help me

For what you asked I have 2 answers:

1. To keep the server up you will need to let your PC turned On, or to buy or find someone who will host your server.

2. At least use google translate.

I want to remain on the server even when turned off my computer and I’m sorry, english is not good :)

What is the command to create the guild?

What is the command to create the guild?

‘the guild’? Please be more specific.

Well, think about it. You’d have an application running on your computer, and you’re asking if it can still run when the computer it’s on is turned off. It obviously can’t.

In regards to your guild question, you’re better off looking at the code to figure it out. We have no idea what guild system you’re using.

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