Super MMORPGMaker Box looking for translators Fr to Eng


sorry for my awful English, I try to be simple and clear :)

ATM you can find (in French) my custom version here: http://www.touchofde…morpgmaker-box/

It’s a very advanced version.

My translation system is now ready: you can swap all the texts of the game (editors, server, in-game texts, ect…) by 1 click from the client or server.

I extracted all the texts and now looking for a translator French to English.

If you can understand French enough, the job will be “easy” for you because you can translate and try while the game is running.

No need of vb6, no need of editing anything, just need to translate 2 texts files.

ATM those 2 files cover around 98% of the texts so we can proceed to a full (-2%) translation.

Anyone helping me to translate it in English will have his/her name (and mail and url if want to) write in a text file for forever ;)

I’ll send the 0.2.0 (that including the translation system) to anyone want help.

When the software will available and French and in English, i’ll ask for more translation in other languages and make here an English presentation to the soft.

Ty for reading ;)

I can do it if you still need help

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