Errors with vb6 (tried solving this for like half a year now) …

when oppining client or server i get * error accessing the system registry.

when i try to run and complie server, or client i get this ***

run-time error ‘429’:

license information for this component not found. You do not have an appropriate license to use this functionality in the design environment.

PLEASE anyone if u can help me ill be soo happy…

Are you using a free copy of VB6?

Edit: Sorry, should clarify. If you are, then my advice is don’t use a free copy of VB6. It doesn’t include the licensing you need. Get the enterprise edition.

Install VB6 SP6. Don’t use the portable version.

were would i be abel 2 get this

Google it.


If that doesn’t work, it sounds like you’ve got a poor rip. Try torrenting a different one.

Also, if you’ve really spent 6 months trying to fix this, you need to try harder next time. :rolleyes:

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