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Why did the chicken cross the road?

! Sir Poopyfoot [10:51 pm] : I dare anyone to post Why did the chicken cross the road? in Questions and Anwsers ✎ Ark King [10:53 pm] : That is not Eclipse Related so it would go in Off-Topic.

Because Wing was on the other side.

Because it realized that it was not Eclipse related.

And he hoped the traffic would kill him before he reached you.

Do you not get it? Wing? Chicken? Chicken Wing? :D



Vegetarian Zombie is that you?

Yes. And also give respect. There are only a handful of Vegetarian Zombies.

I have always wondered what zombies would do if all the humans became zombies and the animals died. What would they drink? So I became healthy, and my BP and cholesterol levels started to drop as well.

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