The Elders: Oracle [L.F.Programmer]

Ok so, the time has come where I need to find a programmer to help with my project. I can’t really offer money right now (Unless you want F.P xD) so I’m looking for someone who can really commit to my project.

If you read my thread, I’m not going to be having super complex features in my game, just things that are easy to use and make the game more enjoyable.

The thread is here if you want to check it out first.

I’d be happy to program for you, I’ve looked through your thread and I can code most of that (those that I can’t I can always learn). I ask for no money, but I would like to have a spot as admin so I can help create the game if that would be alright with you of course, I can come up with some nice ideas. But that would be your choice, either way I’ll code for you :). If you want to see some of my work I could create something simple quickly and show you. In my past game I had coded mining, fishing, and guilds.

Ok, I’ll pm you :)

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