[DX8] Flipping from Backbuffer to FrontBuffer causing error

Hey guys,

I have started having a problem lately every time DX8 tries to flip from the backbuffer to the frontbuffer an automation error occurs.8.

I am not sure what or why this is being caused but due to this I can’t use the engines using DX

i kinda had dis happen to me when i put in my dx7 gui. o-o try checking if you sure you entered buffer or are riding off the old one. o-o course ive never had dis happen on a dx8 so o-o idk,

It doesn’t happen all the time. At random times only.

Possible hardware issue… Has this only been happening recently where it was working before?

It is working now. I just unregistered DX8vb.dll and it seems to be working. Might be the problem. And yes it worked well before.

Marking as solved

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