Tilesets (Created by me)

Topic deleted because my tilesets is terrible…

There’s a big difference between “created” and “compiled”… What you just posted is instead, plagiarism. Great job.

Compiled by you, maybe. The tiles are not yours. It is NOT okay to claim someone else’s work as your own.

Mhh yes my tiles are compiled 85 % and i have created the house, the fauntain are edited i have added a star. and i have created 3 flours and the dead hand for

the rest is compiled.

(Sry for error i am bad in English)

(Now i have corrected the topic)

Actually, it’s 99% compiled and the 1% that you’ve added is terrible. Contributions are appreciated, but we (I) have no patience for thieves.

If he wants to share that’s his business. There is a big difference between constructive criticism and just being downright mean. Instead of telling him that what he made is terrible, why not give him some help? Seriously, the world these days….

ok i delete this topic and i im not a thieves.because is just an error i im not billingue.

(Please modo delete this topic i restart the topic with Compiled and semi creat in title)

Sry all for the error with the name of topic…

and i im not thieves XD

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