Help !!! engine Resbak online

1°I bought the engine resbak online. and wanted to withdraw system after death I lose all the items of inventory that are equipped .

2°bug in the interface to create spell, when we choose the class required it does not save. I put warrior and always stays in dark mage.

3°wanted to add the system level by learning magic, you choose the class and lv that magic will appear in player

sorry my english I’m Brazilian

What you are looking for is the classes file in the server side data folder. You can adjust the spells the class starts out with there. As for the spells, every class that does not have the check ‘cannot use’ will be able to use it. There is no bug in the spell interface, it saves fine. Hope this helped a bit

No one here supports Custom Versions. Especially ones made by Deathbeam. Also since the source is only available to people who have bought it, the actual people who can help you can’t do so without the source.

Though we can give tell you how to do it, we can’t actually do it for you so to speak.

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