How to add a start quest option in event system


I am trying to add a new option to the event editor the option to start a quest i’ve tried a lot but can’t find a proper way to do this.

So i tried it and the quest doesn’t start.

I’m using alatars quest system and JC Denton Denton Denton Denton sniders event system.

I also ducked up my event editor form so if i press add then the white screen with all the commands doesn’t dissapear :’(

So what i ask from you ppl is :

How do i add a quest option in event editor

How do i fix my form (i can also start from a clean form cuz i didn’t change much :P)

Regards Jasper,

would like to help but cant but putting this post will make people see it.

would like to help but cant but putting this post will make people see it.


Your using JC Denton’s event system?

Your using Altar Event system?

Easy… check on how altar start it’s quest , then just make a changing quest value on event editor then follow the other commands editor.

It doesn’t work i’ll add everything i did now :)

The Event system form is a bit hard to configure. Esp due to the large amount of controls in it. The event system crap is ordered in the following way.


The tab for the commands.



The frame which contains all the various editors.

First of in descending order, put all the main controls listed here to the back. (Right click -> send to back)

This should be down upto picCommands(2)

After this is done add a button and add the necessary code.

Bring the frame you just sent back to the front again.

Add a frame within this main frame for assigning the quest and stuff.

Add a new enum into the enum that houses all the quest commands. (don’t remeber the name. Search for it in modEnumerations)

Find the AddCommand sub. In the main select case add a case that handles the adding in of the quest based on the variable passed. (It should be enumeration value )

Do the same for EditQuest. (Check out how it is done. It is a bit different.)

In server side, find the sub that handles these events. (not packets)

Add the necessary quest starting crap here.

Voila. It is done.

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