NPC's Do Nothing! (Need VB6 Help!)

I was making my game in eclipsevb 2.2.0 and whenever i kill an enemy they do their drops and stuff but they dont attack or respawn! And every once in a while I get runtime error 9…please help!

There was a problem with the map’s not respawning (except map 1) but that is fixed in the newer version.

As for attacking, they probably won’t attack you if you are an admin.

For the RTE 9, when do you get the error? what are you doing when it happens.

Where is this newer version and i dont get rte 9 anymore ;)

double post

Nooooo! I still get the error even with vb 2.2.1 :(

I dont know then it worked for me

I tried everything and I know that the npc is causing the runtime error but i dont know what im doing wrong :(

Do you have VB6? If you do, locate what line of code is causing the RTE please.

No I don’t want to pay for VB6 :( know where there is a free version?

Sorry for double post but I got VB6 now what do I do? Please explain very detailed because I have no idea how to use this software…… :D

If you don’t know how to use VB6 , then hire a programmer…

run the game using vb6 , "You can see a (Play) button , a arrow that was pointing > " then play it , if an error appear press Debug , then tell us the line of the error.

Do you know how i acctually open it like what code I write? I googled it but found nothing :(

DAAAHHH … Even when i was a newbie i already know how to start it on vb6 without anyone help …

Just open the vbp file on server/client side , then press the arrow pointing on the right , then play the game , and if there’s an error press “Debug”

got that?

I know this is probalbly hell for you but exactly how do I “Open the vbp file on server/client side?”

Double click on it ?

I meant how do I open it in VB6……


That made my day

Install VB6

Find the .vbp files. Double click on it. It will automatically open as long as you have not set any other application as the default app for opening such types of files.

Okay I found some .vbp files in the template,projects folder but what now do i have to make a file?

PS:I have a free version of it.

Edit:Nevermind so I opened the server.vbp file with VB6 and then ran it. It says

Runtime error 429

License information for this component not found. You do not have an appropriate liscense to use this functionality in the

design enviorment.

Then I clicked debug and it showed this,

Public Sub InitServer()

Dim i As Long

Dim F As Long

Dim StartTime As Long

Dim EndTime As Long

Call InitMessages

StartTime = timeGetTime


' Initialize the random-number generator


' Check if the directory is there, if its not make it

ChkDir App.Path & "\data\", "accounts"

ChkDir App.Path & "\data\", "animations"

ChkDir App.Path & "\data\", "banks"

ChkDir App.Path & "\data\", "items"

ChkDir App.Path & "\data\", "logs"

ChkDir App.Path & "\data\", "maps"

ChkDir App.Path & "\data\", "npcs"

ChkDir App.Path & "\data\", "resources"

ChkDir App.Path & "\data\", "shops"

ChkDir App.Path & "\data\", "spells"

ChkDir App.Path & "\data\", "convs"

ChkDir App.Path & "\data\", "quests"

' set quote character

vbQuote = ChrW$(34)

' load options, set if they dont exist

If Not FileExist(App.Path & "\data\options.ini", True) Then

Options.Game_Name = "EclipseVB"

Options.Port = 7001

Options.MOTD = "Welcome to EclipseVB."

Options.Website = ""




End If

' Get the listening socket ready to go

frmServer.Socket(0).RemoteHost = frmServer.Socket(0).LocalIP

frmServer.Socket(0).LocalPort = Options.Port

' Init all the player sockets

Call SetStatus("Initializing player array...")

For i = 1 To MAX_PLAYERS

Call ClearPlayer(i)

Load frmServer.Socket(i)


' Serves as a constructor

Call ClearGameData

Call LoadGameData

Call SetStatus("Spawning map items...")

Call SpawnAllMapsItems

Call SetStatus("Spawning map npcs...")

Call SpawnAllMapNpcs

Call SetStatus("Creating map cache...")

Call CreateFullMapCache

Call SetStatus("Loading System Tray...")

Call LoadSystemTray

' Check if the master charlist file exists for checking duplicate names, and if it doesnt make it

If Not FileExist("data\accounts\charlist.txt") Then

F = FreeFile

Open App.Path & "\data\accounts\charlist.txt" For Output As #F

Close #F

End If

' Start listening


Call UpdateCaption

' Check how long it took to start up

EndTime = timeGetTime

Call SetStatus("Initialization complete. Server loaded in " & EndTime - StartTime & "ms.")

' reset shutdown value

isShuttingDown = False

' Starts the server loop


End Sub

Public Sub DestroyServer()

Dim i As Long

ServerOnline = False

Call SetStatus("Destroying System Tray...")

Call DestroySystemTray

Call SetStatus("Saving players online...")

Call SaveAllPlayersOnline

Call ClearGameData

Call SetStatus("Unloading sockets...")

For i = 1 To MAX_PLAYERS

Unload frmServer.Socket(i)



End Sub

Public Sub SetStatus(ByVal Status As String)

Call TextAdd(Status)


End Sub

Public Sub ClearGameData()

Call SetStatus("Clearing temp tile fields...")

Call ClearTempTiles

Call SetStatus("Clearing maps...")

Call ClearMaps

Call SetStatus("Clearing map items...")

Call ClearMapItems

Call SetStatus("Clearing map npcs...")

Call ClearMapNpcs

Call SetStatus("Clearing npcs...")

Call ClearNpcs

Call SetStatus("Clearing resources...")

Call ClearResources

Call SetStatus("Clearing items...")

Call ClearItems

Call SetStatus("Clearing shops...")

Call ClearShops

Call SetStatus("Clearing spells...")

Call ClearSpells

Call SetStatus("Clearing animations...")

Call ClearAnimations

Call SetStatus("Clearing conversations...")

Call ClearConvs

Call SetStatus("Clearing quests...")

Call ClearQuests

End Sub

Private Sub LoadGameData()

Call SetStatus("Loading classes...")

Call LoadClasses

Call SetStatus("Loading maps...")

Call LoadMaps

Call SetStatus("Loading items...")

Call LoadItems

Call SetStatus("Loading npcs...")

Call LoadNpcs

Call SetStatus("Loading resources...")

Call LoadResources

Call SetStatus("Loading shops...")

Call LoadShops

Call SetStatus("Loading spells...")

Call LoadSpells

Call SetStatus("Loading animations...")

Call LoadAnimations

Call SetStatus("Loading conversations...")

Call LoadConvs

Call SetStatus("Loading quests...")

Call LoadQuests

End Sub

Public Sub TextAdd(Msg As String)

NumLines = NumLines + 1

If NumLines >= MAX_LINES Then

frmServer.txtText.Text = vbNullString

NumLines = 0

End If

frmServer.txtText.Text = frmServer.txtText.Text & vbNewLine & Msg

frmServer.txtText.SelStart = Len(frmServer.txtText.Text)

End Sub

' Used for checking validity of names

Function isNameLegal(ByVal sInput As Integer) As Boolean

If (sInput >= 65 And sInput <= 90) Or (sInput >= 97 And sInput <= 122) Or (sInput = 95) Or (sInput = 32) Or (sInput >= 48 And sInput <= 57) Then

isNameLegal = True

End If

End Function

I hope you had VB6 installed.

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