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Hey, instead of posting a thread everytime I ask a question, I’m gonna put them all here.

How do I make a sprite specifically for a class? _Where can I set custom controls? [Eclipse VB]


It’s on Class.ini at server…

It has



if you want more sprites then

malesprite=sprite#,sprite# just add “,” and then the number

femalesprite=sprite#,sprite# just add “,” and then the number

i don’t know if that’s what you asked… but i think it is :D

Custom Controls? Use VB6 Bro.

I know you use VB6 but WHERE can I set them in there. Thanks.

It’s not on source,…

it’s on classes.ini at server folder.

….I mean for custom controls.

search for handlekeypresses

Okay, new question, how do I fix the message “run time error ‘53’ File not found”? All I did was edit one of my textures and this problem keeps popping up, it appears that I can’t even edit my textures without a problem like this.

Without knowing which file is missing it would be impossible to help you. (Check if a needed texutre is missing/Has been renamed.)

Run in IDE to find the file path / name of file.

No file is missing or renamed, I just edit the texture in PS, save, and when I run the client, this shows up. What is IDE?

Did the extension change? Alternatively, I could go on TV and fix it for you.

I don’t think it changed, do you still remember my ID and Pass for TV?

Is it possible to make player homes?

You need the VB6 IDE. And there is a tutorial for player homes.

For EO 4.0, what do I put in IP:?

Are you hosting it? IP=localhost

You can also try Googling “what is my IP” if you’d like others to be able to login.

Where can I download Dx7/8 for Graphics?

I would recommend the newest ones, they include the old ones too I believe. Just google DirectX Download

Would DirectX11 work for Eclipse VB?

Eclipse VB?

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