Individual Runtime Files [ASAP]

Hi guys……

I have a problem installing the runtime files with the installer so I decided I will just do it manually!

So if you could send me a link to them that would be great!

And don’t procrastinate I am desperate!

And I’m pretty sure that you all have them!

Thanks for your time and remember


You’re better off fixing your problem, What’s your problem?

Your impatience almost guarantees no one will hurry.

You can just download the Runtime files from different topics. There are basically only 2 Run Time Files installer. One for DX7 and one for DX8.

if you are making a game , being impatient is not a best way to start it…

and also about the runtimes

try to install the eo runtimes and find the dll’s on system32 or something and look if they are registered…

I got it nevermind!

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