What does it take to run a Successful Server?

I have always wondered why some servers are able to pull in 100s some 1,000s of players online at once the most i have had on at once was around… 72… On a Faction Server I know there are some Tricks and Tips Share your Thoughts on what it takes…

I think Building Quality matters alot when Managing a Successful Server, Be it Hub or Single Server.

I also think Optimizing the Server plugins and keeping it as lag less ass Possible, No one wants to play on a Laggy Server.

Having Good Staff Members on alot helps the players when in need, There will always be trolls and Trouble makers.

Proper advertising. Let’s suppose that only 1 out of 10 people that enters your website downloads the game, and only 1 out of 10 people that downloads the game becomes a regular user, then for every 100 visitors you will earn a regular player.

Just don’t advertise it in a place where people finds spam rude (ie a forum sign, advertising the game every time you post).

For an actual game???..… Time, money, patience, artwork, advertising, programmers, more than one mothers basement to work in, friends, more programmers, non home based PC’s to run servers.

Eclipse Game: your just fine.

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