Looking for Pixel Artist's - [Updated] Un-Named Game (SciFi Style)

After playing around with the eclipse engines over many years and havent set down for a serious project i have now decided to. This is a new game project using eclipse in dx8. I am currently in the stages of coding features in the engine and making a unique game interface (not graphical side just positioning and how it works)

Basically im looking to recruit some members to fill other positions for the project and help come up with a name and to plan the game.

Im am staying away from the standard graphics that everyone seems to be using since the release of Crystalshire.

The game is going to be similar to a 2D Mechwarrior MMO style game. Where insted of equipping items etc you will equip armor and weapon upgrade etc.

The GUI layout is following the layout similar to Guild Wars 2. Skills and vitals down bottom with target details up the top of screen with chat in bottom left.

So if your interested give me a PM on the forums.

Features that are completed in the engine are:

  • Idle animations for players (linked with paperdolls)

  • 3 Frame Attack animation (linked with paperdolls)

  • Base Guild System (With Guild Logos Display next to name)

  • Base Target Details

  • Vertical Vital Bars

  • Projectiles (directional with rotating)

  • Pet/Summon System with spells

  • Pet Hot Bar for controlling the pet

  • Proper NPCvsNPC combat

  • Professions (gathering skills from resources with xp and levels)

  • MySQL Database Integration

Planned Features:

  • Quest System

  • Visual Party

  • Mini Map (proper)

  • Spell/Skill System Upgrade

  • Player Trade Upgrade (Auction House / Mail Items etc)

  • Use Professions for making items

Position need to be filled

Pixel Artist - For custom graphics (sprites, items, tilesets and paperdolls)

You will get some assistance with making these, this is a serious project with the vision of generating some form of revenue.

Current Team

Programmer - zomb

Storywriter - PeanutButter

Graphics Design - Lavos, AnonDesigns

Pixel Artist - You?

PM Me if you are interested and/or want more details about the game.

what kind of gui r u looking for

Well im looking for people to join the project team. Looking for like a browny coloured for a medievil theme or a retro futuristic theme for a robot sort of game.

If your interested in joining the project team shoot me a pm and ill give you contact details and show you the progress so far.

Few need additions to the engine.

Directional Projectiles with rotating.

Pet/Summon system

Proper NpcVsNpc Combat

I have had a chat to a few people it seems there is alot of interest in a robot style mmo like a mechwarriorish style

Bump, updated thread with new additions, set game style and example sprite

Ooh I remember those sprites, where are they from again?

I cant find them on here anymore i think they were just from rpg maker im not sure though

Still looking for a pixel artist to modify existing graphics and add frames or produce robot style sprites (4 directional, idle and attack frames)

Also looking for a gui artist to join the project

Playing around with idle animations making some new frames

Walking animation

Struggling with attacking animations. Aiming to make the following animations for attakcing:

  • Punching (melee with no weapon equipped)

  • Slashing (melee weapon equipped)

  • Shooting (when guns / attachments equipped)

Engine Addition

  • Guild Logos (display next to guild name above player)

  • Bug Fixes

Bro you got some skills.

I would suggest to remove the Guild Logos being shown alongside the playername. It would hinder the actual gameplay.

What do you mean hinder the actual gameplay?

Block some screen when players are on the map?

Btw the guild logos are small… like 16x16

Update to whats happening anyway

  • Done alot of coding so i took a break to do some pixel work hence the idle animation

  • Struggling with attacking animations (i started with punching which i think is the hardest compares to shooting)

  • Also hard to pixel with a laptop 😧

Yes, if there are a lot of players it will block the map. You can render the logo only when the player is hovered over or something.

Well i have only coded the base system so i can always add in option on/off to show it or the hover over


At the moment currently only looking for pixel artists.

Any talented pixel artists feel free to contact me.

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