000webhost.com affiliate scam

I have noticed a few ppl (and myself XD) have used the affiliate program for 000webhost.com, it is a scam, google it, they really screw you outta work, no one has ever gotten paid, i was going to report them to the internet crime place, but the form was too long and legal :),
Here, check this out, it is proof that it is a scam, I am trying to help you guys,

Yeah, loads of people had problems.

Its natural, every thing thats free has something hidden.


Its natural, every thing thats free has something hidden.

Eclipse has something hidden =o

Do i have to bring this up every time in online/

The adult board is a shop for people to buy girls for money, the FBI knows now and marsh is in a pickup truck trying to get back to canada, he was droping off HM and Going to go to aus for soljah, but the FBI is on to his ass


Yeah, it’s a major scam, I got 43 people registered and active on their site, they say they paid each one, They say they pay you $100 USD every 20 people, 30 days after the people register, I never got a single cent.

Heh. That’s funny.

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