I portforwarded now what?

Well i did the port forward thing,but now how do people download the client and play?

1. Upload your Client Folder and the Library Files (because everyone need them to play) at a Filehost like http://rapidshare.com or something like this.
2. They need to install the LibraryFiles
3. The people who wanna play on your game need to configure their IPconfig at the Client Menu.
Enter Server IP –> Ip of your PC
Enter Server Port –> 4000
If you want to know your Pc WAN-Ip [WAN= World-Area-Network] you just go to www.ipchicken.com and tell it the people which want to join your game.

If this should all be done the people can join your Server and have fun (you should also have started the server.exe at your pc  ;)). After every restart of your Router, the WAN-Ip change. Therfore you should take a look at www.dyndns.org and read through it.

With friendly Greetings

Yeah basically just send people your client and tell them your ip and port.

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