Item Editor Problem

I originally posted this in the paperdoll section, but  I think this is a more appropriete place.

When I try to edit items the bottom of the sheet is cut off. Is there any way to extend it? I even set max items reasonably high (around 250).

Here is an example of what’s wrong:

Is there any edit, any way I can make it so I can see the bottom of the sheet? All of my non-PD items are there and there isn’t enough room at the top.

Any help would be fantastic!

Hello Jaiden, there is a topic directly below yours (was the most recent post before you made this one) called,48662.0.html as well as a topic,48577.0.html about 7 posts below yours, on this very same page.

The “[Bug fix request]” is gaining the most progress, I’d recommend being active in there, as the solution to the sprites, will be the same as the items.

Whoops. Sorry about that. Thanks admiral.

No worries; technically is isn’t the exact same problem, but I assume the same change that will fix the sprites, can be used to fix the items.

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