Please help

ehm one more problem how do i kill stuff

I got it!!thanks to refuge…hes seemed to help me with every problem ive had!

This is also the best staff ive saw on a forums,thanks!

First off, welcome to Eclipse 🙂
Now, on with your questions.

Well i figured out how to give myself items,but they wont show up on my body?

Go into the Data.ini, and set paperdoll=1

Also I cant add another class,i looked at the tut and i cant do it.

What problems are you having exactly? Have you restarted the server and client?

It just seems as the server wont do anything….my guy wont show up on the list anymore either evan when im playing.

It sounds like you have more than one server running; look in your system tray by your clock to see how many servers are running; if all else fails, restart your computer.

Are you naming the classes correctly?

how am i supposed to name them :renzo:


how am i supposed to name them :renzo:

The tutorial on adding more classes explains how to name them; which tutorial were you using?

Class0.ini, Class1.ini etc.

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