Pet System script (No Longer Beign Worked On)

Hey guys im scripting a pet system which i plan to release, anyone wana help me? im trying to think of Ideas on how to make the Npc Follow you, Theoretical or Codes will help, I already got the Npc on the Map and i got it moving, now i just need a way to make it Follow the owner.

I’ll help. I’ve deicded I was going to start my own but didn’t start yet.

But for the npc following you you don’t have to make it follow. Make a /heel command to make to jump back to your side. But you do have to include the way how to teleport the npc to the same map you are on.

Mcnugget was it for KO?

It was for everyone.

Well, anyways, Squiddles gonna modify it for multiple NPCs

I have to find a way To get rid of the Npc on one map and put it on the Next but tehre is no RemoveNpc COmmand 😞

my advice would be to make it save the owner’s coordinates and have the pet move there when the owner moves

Well before I started I made a list of what was needed.

Npc Pet Script Requirements:
A script which makes the pet follow the user
Using the weapon levelling script to make the pet level up.
Making the pet attack when you attack.
Check How many npc's are on map before summoning and if there are 15 don't allow the warp or summon continue.
On map load sub to do the above ^
Check if you have already gotten a pet out and if so then don't allow it to come.
A /unsummon command to make the pet go away
The pet to have stats which determine what it attacks.
A different coloured attack bubble for the pet's attacks.

Also, These codes should help
ScriptSpawnNPC(MapNpcNum, MapNum, spawn_x, spawn_y, NpcNum)

I’m pretty sure anybody using the petscript will use the source edit to add 35 NPCs to the limit.

its 50, shows how much of the tutorial you read. And all those sound good lol Ill see what i can do.

I stumbled across this script.
Sub npcmoving(ByVal MapNum As Long, ByVal MapNpcNum As Long, ByVal direction As Long, ByVal Speed As Long)

Shows how much you know about math. 15+35=50


Shows how much you know about math. 15+35=50

Have you read HM’s talking about how 1+1/=2? Do you could be wrong in that fact. >.<

15 NPCs walk into a room with 35 NPCS already in it. There are now 50 NPCs. Cant appply to that.

Sorry i thought you were saying like it was just 35….

Bah humbug. Is DNA in? Or not?


Can you script?

i would suggest a way to make it so players can walk through a pet so you dont block an area off by standing there with your pet

Ahh ok Thanks Zearth for that.

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