I just experienced one of my childhood fears again

Well, it started with a dream. I has some weird dream where I was in a couch with a table full of spiders next to me (don’t ask) and well, at the end of the dream one of these spiders was running over me. Now, the weird thing here was, that it seemed like my dream and the reality existed together for a moment. So, I freaked out (panic fear of spiders) and tried to smack that spider, which, obviously, wasn’t there. Then, when I was fully awake, I suddenly felt my old childhood fear again, which was, that there was a huge spider (1m diameter) under my bed. And even though the rational part of my brain said “You’re being an idiot, please stop being so ducking stupid”, another part said “what if”. so I just sat there for 10 minutes, being afraid. Then when I finally dared to get out of my bed (not without carefully peeking under it for a moment) and opened the curtains, I realised how ducking stupid it actually was. Now I’m sitting here hoping that never happens again, because it had me terrified.

Spiders suck. I can handle almost any creature except them

Not a fan of spiders, but I’m not that terrified.

OT: Gwen nice kitty on your sig… good thing it’s not rule 34 or you’d be my greatest fear. ^_^

I like both her avatar and her Hello Kitty signature. But that’s off-topic. I’m not scared of spiders, I love them. My fear would be having no sex in my entire life. But oh well, you can’t have anything.


I’m shit scared of spiders too.
I don’t think I’ve had a nightmare about spiders though.
Although I did have one where my bedroom was covered in moss, plants and bugs, that was freaky…

The other night my mom was watching this scary movie of spiders. It was called Arachnophobia. I went to sleep xD

That movie SUCKS!!!

gets the willies

Haha! That happened to me last night too (a childhood nightmare coming true).
I heard a weird demonic noise in my room and my cat freaked out and stared wide eyed at the window, I raised my head from my pillow to look were the window was but it was too dark to see anything. I sat there head erect for like 10 minutes straining my eyes to see if anything was there but couldn’t see so I went back to bed saying “ghosts don’t exist, ghosts don’t exist”. xD

Aaaand that’s my story. The weird part was my cat heard it too and was afraid of it, and my cats afraid of nothing.

I absoulty hate spiders, though I have never had dreams about them.

I used to have this dream where the hall way out side my bed room would get bigger and bigger and not stop getting bigger, I was a messed up kid.

I almost never dream bad stuff.

I only dream about either enjoying or weird stuff.


Spiders = Reason grenades exist now.

I either dont dream, have nightmares, or mix everything into one giant dream thats so real i wake up thinking its sunday and its actually wedsday, then i thought i did this but i didnt and im freaking out not knowing what is happening, then i go back to sleep becuase i found out only 20 minutes passed while i was sleeping.

I had a weird dream last night. Not really a nightmare… I was part of this secret service thing. We were all underground when zombies came. They got inside, 5 escaped and I was the last to get out, just. Erm… Then I had to do a whole load of stuff. I got food and guns and started to shoot the zombies trying ot find the other guys who escaped. On the TV it said there was going to a huge tidle wave hitting the city in about 2 hours. So I rushed about to find them. I was tossed in jail for some reason. Then I got out when the zombies reached there and some dude blew a hole in the wall. The wave was on the horizen, I found the other guys outside the gun shop where I was 2 hours ago, then we went up to the tallest building in the city which had a flat roof and beds and tables on it (WTF!). We went up there, the wave struck and I woke up. I think the building was about to fall.

Odd dream right. I’m scared of ghosts. Thats the only thing. At night (1am) I’d creep around my house when going for things. Im a very paranoid person. I think people are watching me through the windows at night too. Freaky.

Once when I was really little I had a dream I was one of my LEGO people inside a lego brick world. After that I kept trying to rebuild what I saw but I was never able to do it.

@Harris: I had a similar dream when I was 2 years old. I remember dreaming that my got raised higher and higher and then when it was about to hit the ceiling the entire room stretched and the ceiling went zooming up high and then the crib continued to go higher up. The wierd thing is I’m not generally scared of heights…

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