How to draw png image


Is there any example for drawing any image on frmMain picScreen in EO 3.0 with DX8?

I need to render player HP bar in picScreen not in Image like now. Could someone show me how to do that?

Or just show how to render any png image on picScreen.

Thank you!

’ Make your declarations:

Dim x as long, y as long, sprite as long, height as long

Dim Width as long

’ Then show the height of the picture and where it should be on the screen

Width = # (number of Width)

Height = # (number of Height)

x = # (number of X)

y = # (number of Y)

'Tex_GUI(#) the “#” is the number of the image in ur gui folder.

RenderTexture Tex_GUI(#), x, y, 0, 0, Width, Height

OFF TOPIC : >.> i feel like a ive seen dis EXACT text before i wonderwhere . >.>(at peace)

on topic: the above cod is for a image and there is a code like it for text if your looking for that too.

same declares as the above code.

    x = #  (number of X)

    y = #  (number of Y)

    Width = EngineGetTextWidth(Font_Georgia, "Test")

    RenderText Font_Georgia, Test, x, y, Black, , ,

; P

Yeah, you sent me it in PM ;)

You also need to add in the x and y of the picture.

I already said that.

The one you said was the DestinationX and DestinationY (The coords where is should be rendered.)

I said about the SourceX and SourceY.


hi there rasteredge’s image app have the function of drawing on images c#, if you are interesed in this aspect, you can take a look.

This is VB6 not C#. This is not the .net framework. Please don’t bump topics.

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