24/7 Server

Is it possible to put the server online for 24/7 without leaving computer on constanly? If so how?

Well, when you’re hosting your game, people from all over the world connect to your computer, specifically, the Server.exe

Your computer will send information to the other person, and his computer will send information to you; in a way, your computer is serving that person’s computer.  But to this this, the processor has to be active; this makes sense, because how would your computer receive and send connections, as well as handle the game for the players, without actually being turned on?  It’s like if you wanted to play a music file on your computer, or run an applications; the system needs to be running.

So in short, no it’s not possible to have a machine online 24/7 without leaving it on.

I’d recommend investing in a dedicated machine.

Armiral, how much would a dedicated machine cost?


Armiral, how much would a dedicated machine cost?

Depends on where you buy it.  You can get a cheap computer at a garage sale relatively cheap, or you can buy a brand new server system.

It depends… again. I probably want the cheap one. What is the cost around there?

As I said, yard sales.  Some people sell their own computers as cheap as $50; may or may not be able to handle Eclipse.  Then again, you can even buy a cheap desktop (e.g. one of the $200 ones) to host a server.

When in doubt, check eBay XD

Do you really expect people to trust eBay? Bunch of scam as I think.


Do you really expect people to trust eBay? Bunch of scam as I think.

What I meant, was that you are to check eBay for going prices.

PS: I have a very nice computer, duel-core Intel processor (4GHz), 4GB of ram, flat screen HD monitor, 500GB hard drive, DVDRW, HD sound card, really cool light-up case, etc; got it off eBay; came to my house the next week; actually, I get alot of cool stuff off eBay.

I can host a VPS for your game for only $17.00 a month.

-Stats on server-
100GB of Traffic allowment
512kbit/s Bandwidth(port speed)
50% CPU
128 mb of ram
40GB of Disk Space

Also full root access and changeable OS Unix or Grub types.

you can get more information on my site http://tivo-hosting.no-ip.biz

We have a recycling place which sells a 4ghz 2gb ram for $300!

I don’t think anybody is going to pay 17 dollars for a game host when alot of people do it for free.

Never said anyone would but there are a lot of people that will pay for professional hosting.

Ridrik, please change your signature to a smaller size.

As for 24/7, there is a limitation with GetTickCount. If you leave your computer on for a certain amount of time, the number will get too high and cause your server to crash.

I don’t understand why 24/7 is important. 1 hour a day to carry out updates and maintenence is very important. Log play times, find the least-populated hour, and take down the server and update anything you need. Simply doing this will avoid the GetTickCount overflow problem. Reset your server machine, and purge out all the memory.

This is very important as Eclipse has a horrible amount of leaks.

I will don’t worry, lots of people are asking.

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