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Cheating on essay
Cheating is one of the big thing in academic policy. But what  makes it so common to most students? The answer is entertainment and repetitive frustrating work.  Students tend to get attracted on entertainments easier than before because of the load of boring homework that were given to them, therefore forcing them to cheat.
As the time goes by, more and more entertainments are popping out, like more good movies, better video game, MySpace, text messaging, etc. These became the main source of temptation for students to not do their work and resulting them cheat.  But it’s not mainly these amusements that turn students to cheating, it’s also the repetitive work that teachers give to students. Statistic shows that Students tend to cheat more on home works than Tests.(Mark 2) .  That’s because having the same old boring home works all the time can really get stressing and tiring.  Students switching from doing work to MySpace is fairly understandable, because once students gets frustrated and tired for their work they will look for something fun. Once that happen it will be hard to switch back to their work, which can result to procrastination which then lead to cheating.
As you can see more and more people move on to cheating rather than doing work. It’s not just entertainments fault that drive them to cheating, stressing and long homework that teachers give is also responsible. If teachers don’t stop giving this homework more and more students will get introduce to cheating.