More then 250+ sprites

How do i make more then 250+ sprites show? I currently have about 300 on my sheet and not all of them will show, only the first 250-260 then it stops showing them… Thanks

make sure to make your max sprites in config.ini big enough

max sprites in config dont exists

I think he meant data.ini, but I don’t think it exists in there either (which makes me wonder why he even said that in the first place :huh:)

It may be a source edit, somewhere when declaring the constants.

o, sorry guys, i got it confused with the other max stuff in data.ini, lol, srry

i don’t believe it’s in data.ini or config.ini…. So could someone tell me what to edit in the source?

for that im pretty sure u need VB6 and then i have no clue what to do =P. sry about that

People, this is not Chit Chat; please only post if it’s helping the OP out.

Gus, I’ll move this topic to the Source Questions board for you, but someone else already picked this up and posted in the Source Questions:,48662.0.html

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