Secret of mortanga will be a middle ages based rpg. In the begining the player will be taken into a short story about how long ago his father died fighting an evil warlock and that you must now avenge his death. In past years humans and vampires have made a treaty to help eachother in order to take down the evil warlock mortanga. The begining of the story mode section will be kind of a turturial but afterwords it will say something like “Now you must go hone your skills and become a true warrior.” at witch point the story part becomes an option of gamepaly that you can do otherwise you can travel the world and do pretty much whatever you want… Once a team is put together i will gladly take suggestions as to the gameplay but this is just a rough outline.

I am relatively new to eclipse and need all the help i can get but general skills i am looking for are graphic designers for items and gui. Mappers-self explanatory.Also i need people who are good with scripting. And someone who just knows there way around the program,uploading,advertising and such. Also unless some people of those talents i just mentioned want to i will need moderators once the game is up and running. The only thing to give in return is credit on the site and items in game if you want.The main quality Im looking for however is people who will be active and be helpful to the entire project.

I can make a forum and website for us the forum should be finished within the day and i will edit this post and put the url into it.

I have yet to get the hang of mapping and tried to post a screenshot anyways but could not… It would have been meerly a person sitting next to a tent on  a field of grass anyways. I am however reading all the turtorials i can find and will be looking for any help in this that i can get from people who want to participate in this game. I will be on everyday working on it.

If you are interested please send me a private message or post here.