SawQuart Productions is a giant organization, and as a result, we need your help! We will be releasing the Developer’s version on Sunday, July 18th, 2009.


If you work as a mapper, you aren’t required to do anything besides map. I don’t expect anything from you, only quality maps. If you work for multiple people, I don’t care. This job is all about being creative, and you don’t even have to deal with the stress of making NPCs, Spells, ect. You will also receive free weapons that are only available for mappers. These weapons will give you great power and fun in the game.


Our game offers the moniter position to gamers that have never spammed or been jerks. All you have to do is ban/ kick people who try to spam. This doesn’t mean go around threatening everyone to kick them if they don’t give money. I will watch out for that, and the victim will receive power, while you will get banned for life. This job is the easiest. I just need you to download the game when the Beta Testing version arrives (NOT THE DEV VERSION).

GUI Makers

All I need you to do is make a GUI. Thats it. In return I will give you the power weapon, a giant blade that can kill anything in one hit. You will be in the credits, among all the other members that contribute.


This is the one catagory that has high demand, but low participation. So, what makes creating a sprite for us better than any other group? Simple! We actually give you items in the game as a pay. Guess what! You’ll even get your own shop, NPC, or spell named after you! You just have to sign up, make sprites, and get famous!


This is the hardest job in the whole book. Admins have the job of the spriters, GUI artists, and the other jobs, combined. What makes this position so much better? You get free ingame-items! I just require that you log in 2 times a week. Simple as that! Even the easiest jobs get good benefits!


To sign up, just visit and click sign up. Once you have signed up, visit the contact page. Put your info under the contact us place. Thats it! Please send an email to us at to get started or for more info. Fame awaits you!