Best(i think) web-site builder and host.

I have been using this system for about 2 years and it never failed me. It’s the best so far free hoster and builder. You can easily build your web-site, very quick! here’s mine web-site I didn’t spend much time on it but it looks great. There are more than 1000 of skins for you web-site. Find the right one! There’s much more info about this, but i do not want to waste your time. Just check it out. It’s completely free.

It’s not too bad really however they lack able the ability to use .php which sucks for most people.

You can install .php if you need to.


You can install .php if you need to.

Nope sadly can’t you can install scripts which isn’t the same thing as having .php


What you CANNOT do at uCoz:

  • use scripts (PHP, CGI etc.) and therefore data bases (MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle etc.)


Is it planned to introduce the capability of using PHP and MySQL in the nearest future?
The capability to use PHP scripts will never be planned.

I think i remember there is a way.

If they say they don’t then don’t say you can. It looks like freewebs.

PS: Make your sig smaller or change the color its too umm i can’t find a word.

NOTEPAD + a domain you buy.


NOTEPAD + a domain you buy.

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