i went to sign on to my computer account and it said “do to insufficient secuirity you are unable to log onto your account. you will now be logged onto a temporary account.” im not going to lose my account right cus i got alot of important stuff on there!

It would help if we knew what OS it is.

windows xp (sorry kinda panicy i mean i got like 3 gigs of financial stuff and everything.)

I’m not sure, but hopefully this will help: http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=811151

thanks its copying now. ill let you know if it works when its done.

Okay, no problem.

IT WORKS THANK YOU SOOO MUCH! that was close i was scared… (already got out the razors ((HEHE)) ((( if you dont get that joke then… ugh…)))))

Yeah, I get it. No problem. I’m glad it worked!

now go down to your store, buy a DVD RW or USB flash drive and backup all that data!

lol well i built this computer to put on the data so i can get a flash drive to get my files off my harddrive but it needed to lasst me long enought to get paid obliviously its not off to a great start.

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