Damage Ranges For NPC's?? (Done it myself now)

Hey guys can anyone work out how to add basic damage ranges for npc? So when an npc attacks a player it isn’t the same damage all the time.

MrMiggu made a script for the players but not npcs. I’ve had a look but can’t quite figure it out. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

all you would really need to do is modify the script MrMiguu made so that it fits to work with NPCs.

Yeah I know that but I don’t know what sub controls the npc’s damages. I’ve checked the source out but cant figure it out. It’s not as straight forward since there are so many subs for npc attacking like checking they can attack and so on. Any help if anyone knows would really help me out!

Okay excuse the double post just  clarifying that I have managed to get it working myself. I guess there aren’t many coders here or at least those to offer help.

Thanks anyway.

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