Info/Summary: I am trying to make Seirra Online a unique 2D mmorpg, unlike the others that are just Hack-and-Slash. The most unique thing I think I’ve added is that every monster drops bones, and you can bury them for MP or SP(whatever that is, can someone tell me). Yeah, I know its like Runescape, but it seemed unique, So I added it. Right now I only have two maps, a small farm and a Castle, so I really need help!

Scripters: 0/2
Mapper: 0/2
Coders 0/3

Time Era: In the times with knights and dragons, like most other mmorpgs.

Gameplay type: MMORPG or MORPG


  • Bury bones for MP or SP.
  • Monsters drop meat.
  • I want to add Cooking, Mining, Fishing, and Woodcutting.
  • Zombie Minigame to win prizes!
  • 3Dish GFX
  • Holiday Quests and Holiday Items.


Anything else you need to put out, or extra info:
I am almost done with the website, I will send you the Players Client by IM or E-Mail.