Points per level up

I was wondering if there is a way to put more points then 99 or 100 whichever it is currently at.

I want there to be 1,000 points, so how would i go about doing that?

What do you mean? You mean if each stat could get more points? If so then i think it would require a source edit.

You know those points you get per level up that increase the stats, so say i wanted to increase strength? i would have 100 points to use on my skills at level 100, i want it so theres 1,000 points to use upon each level up

Instead of giving more points, you can change what each stat rises in stats.ini

I’ve done that already, i just want more then 100 points per level up… I saw something a few minutes ago, uhh this:

I’m unsure if that has anything to do with what i’m talking about but it doesn’t work anyway.

how many do you want to add per lvl?

10 is what i want per level.

I forgot to ask… EE2.7 or EE2.8?

EE 2.7

Go in Main.txt and find this:

’ Executes when a players experience exceeds the next level requirement.
Sub PlayerLevelUp(Index)
Dim TotalExp

Do While GetPlayerExp(Index) >= GetPlayerNextLevel(Index)
TotalExp = GetPlayerExp(Index) - GetPlayerNextLevel(Index)
Call SetPlayerLevel(Index, GetPlayerLevel(Index) + 1)

Call SetPlayerPOINTS(Index, GetPlayerPOINTS(Index) + 1)
Call SetPlayerExp(Index, TotalExp)

Call BattleMsg(Index, “You have " & GetPlayerPOINTS(Index) & " stat points.”, BRIGHTBLUE, 0)
End Sub

And on the number i highlighted change them to the # of points you want per lvl(in this case it would be 10).
Tell me if it works.

Call SetPlayerLevel(Index, GetPlayerLevel(Index) + 1)


Call SetPlayerPOINTS(Index, GetPlayerPOINTS(Index) + 1)


I forgot to ask… EE2.7 or EE2.8?

Ahem… http://www.touchofdeathforums.com/smf/index.php/topic,46733.0.html

For your script Jna, you’re doing it right cept you highlighted level aswell… Which means you will level up 10 levels and get 10 points.

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Dammit Emblem beat me to it…

Oh you are right i was in a hurry to bathroom so i posted it fast without reading xD. Fixed the thing.

I changed both to 10 but it seems i only get 1 point per level up still. However in the corner i had magic 45 (+10)

To the guy above me, 2.8 lags like crazy when i’m on my friends server while 2.7 works fine.


I changed both to 10


Call SetPlayerLevel(Index, GetPlayerLevel(Index) + 1)


Don’t change the first number. Go in the server and where it says script click reload.

I did that, i fixed it btw guys. I was using the auto level up by server, which does not give stat points on level up. I made a fake monster and killed it legitimately and got 10 stat points. Thanks for all the helpers.

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