ArmageddonZ Online

Hey folks, thanks for taking your time and reading 😉

Umm to start off I want to say this, please join in my team, there’s only 1 person right now who is working with me on my project, it’s already like 20-30% done. I need to balance some things out, but right now it’s possible to play, start off and level, get use to the game. Because all the good stuff like PVP(person versus person) battleing is going to be on the higher levels, also the Instances, the boss runs. Instances are basicly a map for group, to defeat the boss that drops lots of items(good items).

On lower levels what you basicly do, is go to Neva City(downhill from the JB Place) and go to the mine. There you level and get the basic items. BUT, before you do that, you need your class. There’s two classes right now, first one is DIGGER, the best one for lower levels. Gives you HP and defence, which is good for mining. Also digger has good armor and knifes that are really helpfull!
There’s another class called PSYONIK. That is a class that is basicly for higher level. It doesn’t have much defence and HP add but the spells are just cool. He is like a Magician, only better.

Well that’s a little bit information, i’m not gonna post everything here, just head over to:

  1. Game’s web-site :
  2. W.I.P Topic(has lots of info and updates) :,47883.0.html

Who we need?

  1. Clan: Police - it’s the second clan from the AdminZ(Administration), what this clan does, is basicly like moderators but in the game. The can mute, unmute, kick and JAIL people that do not obey. They get bonuses, and rare items just for their clan.
  2. Clan: Quest MakerZ - this is the clan that creates all the quests that are in-game. This is the third clan to AdminZ
  3. Just basic players - come and play, it’s really fun. And on the weekends, the experiance doubled, so easier to level.

Please if you really want to join ,just pm or go on the server and we’ll talk it over, server time is between 1pm(Los angeles time) till like 10pm. Maybe later it’ll be 24/7

Please and thank you!