We NEED Mapper for Land of Warv2.1 because I don’t wanna make the same mastake that I made in Land of Warv1.1 and v1.2  :evil: BAD MAPPING :evil: so please can we have a mapper for our game because no matter how good the storyline and ideas are crap napping loses the race! Here is some info:
Land of War is a Game Progect that has been worked on since about April 2009 my first idea of this game was a big 3d game with lots of people playing it and $2,000 a month comming in but now the project is a 2D free MMORPG with 5 Classes and 100 items (SO FAR) and a big map comming in 2010-2011! Here are some screenshots:
Here is the storyline… One day you decide to set your tent in a grass field and 20 years after it becomes a GIANT empire called LAND OF WAR! But you have one problem it is full of magic creatures that like to kill humans, Elf’s, Wizzards, Kolbleaduses and Hidases. I want a big town in medievil time and a few forests and some more towns maybe 2 villiges that should be it. (Oh and my game is a fantasy  :cheesy:)
The N20Games Team