Linking my game with paypal

Ok so, I have published one of my MMORPG’s and took all precautions, credited all that but my question is: What do I do if I want my game to be linked to paypal or anyother website like google checkout, if you do not understand the question I shall go into more depth…

Basicly my idea is: I want to make money from my game by selling in-game cash and doing so through paypal, but i’m worried that if I get too much of a playerbase I won’t be able to keep up by awarding the cash to players through me online, so I was wondering is there a way that I can link the game with paypal so that the player orders the points on the main site throughout a checkout using paypal and it will automatically give the player the cash weather they are online/offline, is there some sort of system I could use, like other professional MMORPG’s like Habbo or Club Penguin?

Advice will be appreciated, Links will be appreciated MORE! :D

Link your game accounts to the group accounts on your forum ( I recommend mybb ). When a user buys premium etc it could change the permissions via the group. Although for dollar amount items, not sure.

we have a topic on dis already, its done in php best we know you buy threw paypal with a setup redirect that sends a message to page to send back to the server, and have the server award what you bought, be it points,items and such.

but to get it up and running u needa a web page made in php for it.

Can you post a link to the topic please?


theres no code there >.>…

just us talkin bout it.

It is pretty simple. What Justin said is correct. Here are the steps

  1. Make the server connect to a Database. (Should be the one your forum uses)
  2. When a payment is made make a usergroup change for the user. (There should be plugins for this. Google it for your forum type)
  3. Make the server sync to the Database at frequent intervals. (5 mins)
  4. If the user group is something like Donator give the player items and then add a variable to the player that says that the player has received the items. (Player files not database.)
  5. Have fun
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