Automatic 2x Exp Event

Hi, I Was wondering by chance does anyone know how i can setup a Automatic 2x Exp Event?

Example: Every Friday at 12:00am - 12:00pm 2x Exp.

Any help is Appreciated!

well you would have to have a server with that feature there are lots of custom engine with that look there

Ok Thanks

no problem

look at Eclipse the final frountier, it has it on the server as a button but to make it check it would probly need tobe in serverloop checking (server date , and make match one you set) o-o best pointer i can give ya.

I suppose its not a very conventional way but you could look at the reward system, its pretty recent.

peace you just need a lil code to tell it to times the exp by 2 XD

I know but for experience, there isnt much telling him how to do it if he can learn it from somewhere else.

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