Image scaling

Hello eclipse,

i am trying to make a sprite style like in silverdale:

But when i try to resize it i becomes blury… can anyone please help me, i have no clue… i am using and gimp.

Hey! and gimp will automatically “fix” images to try and keep quality when you resize a image. I would suggest using a pixel art program that support lock grids like Graphics gale.

I know that in Photoshop when resizing, to stop it blurring, you need to set in the resize options “Nearest Neighbour”. Not sure if gimp/ has that option?


Transform Tool > Interpolation

This drop-down list lets you choose the method and thus the quality of the transformation: None

The color of each pixel is copied from its closest neighboring pixel in the original image. This often results in aliasing (the “stair-step” effect) and a coarse image, but it is the fastest method. Sometimes this method is called “Nearest Neighbor”

Alternatively, just select “Nearest Neighbour” in Paint.NET.

As said, the Nearest Neighbour option usually fixes this 🙂

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