Requesting .hack sprites

anyone have the following .hack sprites?

Kite, Natsume, Sanjuro, BlackRose, Orca, Mia, Tsukasa, Minstral, Piros, Ryoko, Crim, Gardinea, and Haseo 1st form

and a female adept rouge, i dont know any female adept rouges from G.U.

never mind, i think i’ll use a preset sprite for her Here you go hope this helps 😄 and if u need chaos gate just let me now i’m making a .hack game aswell

ok, i have edited my post to show what i have now and what i still need

Okay ill try but dont count on it I’m a n00b at this stuff 😞 and does your game need a Chaos gate ?)

nope, already got one, ok, and i want to add the Net Slum residents (Tartuga(i think i spelled it right) Helba, etc)

Im not sure what you mean but could u give me credits for the sprites i ripped them myself 😄

ok, and basically i mean Culhwch, Dorin, Jinn, Plaird, etc

im no Good at spriting but ill try my best ^^

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