HOw to amke npc's talk

is there a way to make it so you can hit a button and they say something. im tryign to make like a tutorial island

Do you mean like, where you walk up to the NPC, and you see something in the chat area, like the NPC typed something to you, or do you want the NPC to have an audible voice?

If it’s the first, you can just when you edit the NPC, under “Speak”, put what you want that NPC to have.  For more information, see this tutorial:,44558.0.html

Just picture your npc, put it on a map and set him as sing… he won’t move.

….Thanks for telling me you quit my game…

You cant make it like Runescape, but if you edit a NPC, youll see that you can edit “talk”. It will display a message in the chat box. If you want to make a different chat with the NPCs, try using Flash Theater. You can learn how to use that by looking at some tuts on it. The chat way is the easiest though!

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