This board no longer accepts replies.

I’m going to go through now and mute anyone who violated the rules posted in the stickies. Enjoy your day. I know I won’t.

You may now post a topic, but nobody can reply to topics here. If you are interested in a project posted here, send the Topic starter a private message and send your “application” to them through that. Having public replies was just nothing but a flame fest and it was getting impossible to moderate. Hopefully this automated system will work.

Note that any new topics here should still follow the general guidelines in the Stickies. Also, topic starters may reply to their own posts to add new and updated information, but you will be warned/muted if you frivilously bump your topic.

EDIT: Please do not PM me about this board, I have not been an admininstrator in this community for 9 months now and cannot help you.

Something messed up in the permissions, which resulted in replies in this board again.

I must say, I’m really disappointed in this community; within such a short time, this board fell back into the chaotic disaster of unwarrented criticism and spam that caused this board to be locked in the first place.

I was tempted to simply go down the list, and mute every rule-violator that replied in these topics – and most of you broke atleast one general rule!

Anyway, every new topic will now be locked upon creation.  This may or may not prevent the OP from editing their own posts, but that’s their problem not mine.

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