As many of you know, the shoutbox was taken down last night and I wanted to address it, including the events leading up to it, today.

Starting earlier this week (all the way up to yesterday day night) certain TOD staff and members started spamming the shoutbox, in addition; spamming race traitor comments, flooding the box with offensive obscenities , insulting each other and/or trolling this site (and others). This has been going on all week and it appears most of it spills over from the TOD skype calls. It got so bad last night that I actually had to start handing out bans to staff and members to try and restore order. Unfortunately the fighting and spamming kept spiraling out of control, till the shoutbox had to be taken down.

As you can see the shoutbox was brought back up and I have unbanned anyone I banned from the shoutbox last night. I want to say these actions (both from staff and members) will not be tolerated.

All the Mods will be handing out warnings (regardless of your position or time being here), all the way up to bans as needed. I’m all for having a good time, but completely disregarding the rules and turning TOD into a 4chan board will not fly.

I want everyone here to have a good time, make games, hang out, and love being here. We’re a good community that usually shows respect, kindness, and some general professionalism to each other.

Many of us are on here more than 8 hours a day (that’s more than some of us spend with our own families) and I consider all of you friends. I think we just lost sight of it this week and it really spiraled out of control. Let’s stay on track and have a good time. If anyone has anything to say or add feel free to pm.