Can anybody help me find the EE 2.8/2.7 Download?

I had a project fully done in EE 2.7 and then…Eclipse origins came to be and there was absolutely no way to update and changeover to the new client without starting allover again. I had a computer problem and my comp fried leaving me with nothing but my script and a few ini’s / .dll’s etc… I need Eclipse Evolution 2.7 or 2.8, please …point me to the download!

I think theres no download anymore just the History bundle at the Official Download board 😉

mortal incorrect… and i posted all da links too in another topic, but ill pm the link to him.

Why would you want to use EE? It’s a really bugged engine. You would be better of with EO.

Just give the man or woman what they want, why they want to use it is up to them.


That’s the original website, it contains the downloads.

death i gave him a direct link in pm…. XD and ur right give them what they want, its a choice wat to use.

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