Animated Characters/items

I’ve seen it done before. With animated characters, example would be like a bird that has wings that are always moving so it looks like it is flying rather than sitting still. Now how hard would this be to do for items so say example someone would have a glowing sword or some shit like that. Also how would you go about coding this and how difficult is it?

It’s all about FPS and how it’s handled. For example, you have a seperate folder for this “glowing” sword where as to they are in sequence, in order of the glowing animation if you will. Normal> Particles forming around sword> small light outline> extending glow> then just over glowing. You’d have vb6 play these images back to back at certain time intervals. That’s how I’d go about it, of course you’d need a small bit of code.

I can do it if you’re wanting to pay. In terms of difficulty, I don’t think it would be that difficult, but if you’re using dx7 shrugs it will be hard to have a more realistic glow feel from that sword.

Edit: In fact I can go and try to write up the code for you for free if you’d like.

I’m using Dx8. You can try if you want to. It would be a nice gesture and I’ll credit you of course. I wasn’t posting to ask someone too. just to figure out the difficulty level and well… pretty much everything u answered lol.

You want to do the sword folder thing for me? Or have some artist create it?

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