[W.I.P] Sonic: Rise Of Neo Arcadia

Plot (Complete):

! 5 Years after Eggman’s capture, the mobians start to celebrate with a parade to Sonic and the Freedom Fighters. However, the parade is cut short when mysterious robots arrive on the scene. The robots seem to have a determined target when they attack Sonic & friends. After destroying many of them, Sonic & Friends are surprised to see Eggman with 4 other robots that seem to be the leaders. They reveal themselves as “The Guardians” Sage Harpuia, Fighting Fefnir, Hidden Phantom, and Fairy Leviathan. A 5th robot comes out and says his name is X and he is the leader of the attacking “Reploids”, Neo Arcadia. Sonic & Friends are then captured while Mobius is taken over by Neo Arcadia. Fed up with being ruled by X and Neo Arcadia, a group of mobians create “The Alliance”, a rebellion group against Neo Arcadia.

Classes (Complete):

! Hedgehog:Considered the “Fastest Things Alive”, they are fast and able to dodge most enemy attacks. Can easily work with other species except for the Chaoshogs.
! Chaoshog:Masters of Chaos Energy , they are very strong and abnormally fast. They best work alone.
! Echidna:Guardians Of the Master Emerald, they are powerful and easily angered. Having one as an Ally isn’t a bad idea.
! Fox:Masters at technology,they can easily heal others with their high-level tech. Having one around to heal you is recommended.
! Gizoid:Machines made by the Nocturnus Clan,they are machines built for war and are very balanced except for their willpower due to the ability to be easily controlled. They are best used for parties.
! Fusionhogs:Created by Dr.Eggman, these are Hedgehog and Chaoshog DNA mix-up. A group of them together will obliterate foes.


! The items and armor shall have no sprites for a reason any sonic fan would know. Weapons shall consist of 6 groups:
! Power Rings:A ring of energy for only Hedgehogs.They increase all stats when equipped and stronger ones can be equipped.
! Chaos Shard:A shard of a fake, working chaos emerald that can only be used by Chaoshogs. They increase Attack and Agility when equipped and bigger shards can be equipped.
! Power Glove:Gloves handed down from the beginning of Echidna life for only Echidnas. They greatly increase Attack.
! Tech Bracelet:A bracelet fitted for the wrist of a Fox. It increases all stats.
! Hardware Upgrade:Parts created by the Nocturnus Clan to upgrade Gizoids. It increases Attack and Agility greatly and decreases Willpower.
! Chaos Emerald:One of the legendary gems that Neo Arcadia is looking for. Due to their extreme power now that the Master Emerald is used for evil, only Fusionhogs can withstand their extreme might. They increase all stats greatly.
! There will be Blacksmiths (they shall be called Engineers) that will be able to craft really strong items for the character.
! World Ring-Made of the 7 Rings Of Creation (a item that is part of the Power Rings group).It increases Attack and Agility extremely and other stats greatly.
! Chaos Gem-The merged version of 4 Shards Of Oblivion (a item that is part of the Chaos Shard group). It increases all stats greatly.
! Master Gloves-Gloves made of smelted Mystic Iron Gloves (a item that belongs to the Power Glove group).It increases Agility and Attack greatly.
! Techno Brace-Made up of 2 Nocturnus Hardware (quest items). It increase all stats.
! Perfection System Upgrade-Made of Perfection Data A, Perfection Data B, and Power Unlocker (Quest Items). It increases all stats greatly.
! Super Emeralds-Made of all 7 Chaos Emeralds and a Pure Master Shard (Quest Item). They Increase all stats extremely.
! Consumables will include different fruits and the currency will be rings (due to bolts being very scarce). Fusionhogs will be able to equip also Special Chaos Shards and will get one as their default weapon, due to the Chaos Emeralds being extremely hard to find.


! There will be 2 types of shops. The Marketplace and The Black Market. The Marketplace sells healing items and spirit restoring items. The Black Market will sell these things, some quest items,and weapons. Also, it will sell teleport scrolls that teleport you back to The Alliance HQ.

Enemies (Complete):

! The enemies shall go by a Level-Up system as you progress in the game. Example: The Pantheon shall be a enemy. It will begin as a Level 1 Enemy. As you explore more maps, different leveled Pantheons shall be there. The enemies levels shall be in increments of five. Certain enemies wont appear until a certain level. Example: Weil Droids wont appear until inside Neo Arcadian buildings and will only appear as Level 40,60,80,90.


! CMFiend420, Fabzy, Seb, Jcsnider, Mr.Miguu and Project Vertigo, Zopto and the DX7 Bubble Strikers Engine, Seth, JoshuaRay, and a big thanks to Jumbofile-Project Cubed
! The Shy Guy Kingdom, The Spriters Resource, and Rudolphtheehcidna from deviantart-Hedgehog,Chaoshog,Echidna,Fox(not female) and Gizoid Sprites
! Taymenthehedgehog and Midnightmaren-Fusionhog Male(Seelkadoom The Hedgehog)

In need of Server Hosting, Mappers, and Scripters.

PLEASE READ:If you want to apply for Admin by all means go right ahead. Also, unless someone else is willing to recolor them, Sprites will stay the same color because I AM NOT GOING TO RECOLOR THEM MYSELF Unless I’m bored Also, you can test sprites if you want to. I will eventually upload the client. Classes may or may not be changed edited,balanced and added. If someone can convince me to, then I will add more Classes. Sorry No screenshots yet. Will get those up once I finish Classes and GUI.

Enough to put anyone off, It shows you have little to no interest in the game. My opinion.

I agree as well. you should have all the ethuiasm for your game otherwise it convinces me its on the list of Do-Not-Make-It’s, plenty of my own projects are on that list. I’d also suggest editing your banner, the text is very hard to read and the balance is very off.

Sorry…Kinda new. BTW I never said I would accept everyone who applied. Also, I can’t really make a good banner so thats why its like that. But Now I have a good idea for the new banner, keeping the same symbols though except for the sonic head.

Can you get some screenshots up? and saying you Cant do something isnt going to get you any closer to doing it. Honestly to me it doesnt seem like you have any interest in this why do i got to convince you to update your game. For me i won’t play this. (if it even gets released)

First off, stop making it sound like I have absolutely no interest in making this game. I have more than enough interest in making this game. I actually originally planned on making it for Xtremeworlds then switched over here. Second, I said its only if someone can convince me to add more classes than I will. I can’t sprite which is why I say that. It’s nearly impossible to find sonic sprites of certain species that aren’t bad quality. In fact, I’m still looking for a female fox sprite and fusionhog sprite. I don’t want to use Fiona fox’s sprite and I can’t seem to find a female shadic so I plan on trying to sprite my own. So if you guys want screenshots, I will add screenshots but none of them will have any maps i’m using just the sprites of characters. I’m also not very close to even starting enemies yet because I want to get the classes out of the way first. So if you guys want me to, then I’ll put up screenshots of the characters that I’m using. Besides, I’ve decided to start this game and to create because of my disturbing curiosity to see a Sonic/MMX or MMZ MMORPG. I’ve never been around for any of the good Sonic MMORPGs so I want to make one that sticks around.

If you read the rules for posting a topic i think it states 3 months into development your like 2 hrs. and if you can’t find any sprites make them or ask around for an artist. Searching the web will most likely only find you copyrighted stuff.

I’m crediting anyone who asks for credit as well as the fact that, I can’t afford to pay for a pixel artist.

Well i want to see some screenshots soon or this might get the lock.

Alright, I might as well then start on the first town, Xeropolis renamed from Metropolis after Neo Arcadia took over.

This project seems pretty nicely laid out but I would recommend adding screenshots if you have any.

I think it’s well laid out, I would hope to see some screenshots in the future, keep it going.

@[member=“DarkOverlordSJ”] I’d like to apologize if i came on a little harsh just get some screenshots up soon and its fine.

I forgive you. Mainly because I should have worked on the maps first and put up some screenshots but, so far I still am trying to finish the classes. I no longer have a need for a female fusionhog and fox sprite. I found a female fox sprite and I’m currently working on a Female Fusionhog sprite. However at the moment I’m stuck trying to add scripts to the game. I’m trying to add in Shop Improvements and some other scripts however, VB6 is giving me an error of which I’m pretty sure is in the original coding of Project Cubed. So I could upload the client and server’s sourcecode and if anyone could fix it that would be great as to the fact that I have no coding skills what-so-ever.

Game is on hold due to no access to the files as the laptop which the game was held on was destroyed however, the HDD is still intact which means the files are as well.

but are you ever gonna add screenshots? It has been a year
Edit: Lel zynato y u do dis? lmao nah it was a fair edit.

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