Hey guys can you tell me everthing about VPS/ visual servers and where can i get one for free

They cost money.

VPS is basically a computer that has a high amount of resources. (Like RAM) It is used for hosting high traffic websites, game servers etc. VPS has a plus side that is you can choose the OS you want to use. The diffrence between a web server and a vps is that a webserver is a shared server while a VPS is a personal server. And because of this it is more costly then a web server. A VPS host allows you to choose your own OS as well.

VPS allows you to run any time of application. (Like EXE’s and stuff) So it is used for gaming server. (Minecraft PS, WoW etc)

Since Eclipse uses VB6 it can only run on a Windows OS. Meaning that you need to buy a Windows VPS.

(Google ‘Windows VPS’) VPS(s) aren’t free they cost. Though a few ppl on this forums have posted links to free VPS sites, they have never worked for me. And even if they do they will never give you a Windows VPS. But you can use Wine. (Not sure if it will work though)

thanks for the info

Anyway if i understand it

But i dont have to open a computer 24/7 to host a game am i right?

The server.exe has to run 24/7 on some computer (That where a vps comes in. It is a computer that never shuts down)

Hmmm…. no more sarcasm i want a straight answer

do i still need to run a pc 24/7 to host a server 24/7?

meaning if i run the server in that VPS i can shutdown this computer

if you run the server on a computer than yes 24/7

if you run it on a vps than the computer doesn’t have to do anything

Okay lets see…

If you upload your server to a vps, you can shutdown your computer and it will still be running.

If you host it with your computer and you shut it down the server will go off.

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