Help a newbie out? Thank you!

Alright… i got most of this stuff down pat, but i cant figure out how to make an NPC stand still and i cant figure out how to get him to talk to you

can someone help me? plz and thanks?

There is a Behaviour called: Shopkeeper. If you take this your Npc don’t move.

On top on the left side there is something called Speak: at the Npc Editor. If you type there a sentence and press STRG on your Npc he say what you have typed in there.

umm… whats STRG? other than that thanks!

Oh sorry  :embarrassed: . At germany it’s called Strg but I think on your Keyboard it’s CTRL.

With friendly Greetings

Dang it not working… my guy is stepping back and forth but no one is talking <.<

make sure each of the stats are greater than 1

ok now its working. Thanks much!  :azn:

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